New Walk-In Shower Stars in Latest Remodel

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September 3, 2015
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October 3, 2015

New Walk-In Shower Stars in Latest Remodel

The Loyal Handyman General Contracting is completing the finishing touches on their latest remodeling project.  The star of this project is the custom built walk-in shower:  designed, cut, built and installed by TLHGC President Tim Horsch.  “I love creating these” said Tim.  “The custom-built walk-in shower is the hottest trend in building and remodeling.  I get a chance to use my creativity, with the design and the options.  We can make them glass-less, curbless and with programmable thermostatic showers with all styles of heads.”  The Loyal Handyman can also design and install  special lighting and entertainment/audio/video as well.

In this project, tons of storage was added in the bath and master suite.  The Loyal Handyman custom builds shelving and cabinetry for a unique environment.  As it nears completion, lighting and hardware are installed to top off the new look.

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  1. Kembra says:

    It’s great to see talent put into building,it takes a very patient and artistic person to develop what the owner wants,From what I see in the photos must be a very satisfied customer.

  2. Jackie Demeuse says:

    Customer is very happy and impressed with Tim’s design, skill, expertise and care!

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