Improper Insulation Installation Can Lead to Mold Issues

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Improper Insulation Installation Can Lead to Mold Issues

One of the problems we encounter at The Loyal Handyman General Contracting is improper installation of insulation.  We are experts in insulating your home or business properly so the benefits of energy savings and comfort are realized.  At the same time, we install the right type of insulation specified for a particular area and we install it correctly.  While insulation can protect your living space from heat and cold, it can also trap moisture if installed improperly.  The biggest danger of trapped moisture is growth of mold.  Left untreated and undetected, your family's health and safety are at risk.

In addition to mold growth, components of some insulation are flammable and can cause fires.  Because insulation is usually never seen by the homeowner, a poor installation job is often undiscovered until the damage has been done.  The Loyal Handyman General Contracting believes in doing the job right the first time.  Our expertise extends to fixing problems caused by improper installation.  We choose the appropriate style for the space and conditions along with the most efficient R-value product.  Ventilation is critical in reducing trapped moisture and we take the necessary steps to properly ventilate on every job.  We are currently at work on two jobs replacing insulation and remediating mold caused by installation errors by a previous contractor.

Photos from Current Jobs in Progress

The Loyal Handyman General Contracting uses a modern and most up-to-date mold stain removal technique.  This approach cuts huge amounts of labor and allows significant savings over older, less effective methods.  This chemical-based process is demonstrated in this video.

There's no need to continue to live in an uncomfortable and unsafe environment.  Call The Loyal Handyman General Contracting and we will provide an inspection and estimate to solve your home or business insulation, ventilation and mold problems.


Mold Remediation and Removal In Progress

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